Accredited calibrating laboratory
of geometrical dimension no.2277



TLO has been accredited by The Czech Institute For Accreditation, in accordance with European standards, to provide calibrations and repairs of measurement instruments and systems in the field of length and plane angle measurements.

Czech Accreditation Institute database

Calibrating laboratory no. 2277 – certificate, attachment... More information or feel free to contact us.





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Measuring scales and scale line measuring instruments
Calliper rules
Micrometer measuring instrument
Deviation measuring instrument
Internal measuring instrument
Measuring instrument blocks
Limiting measuring instrument
Lengthening rings
Patterns and setting gages
Angle bars
Angle measuring instrument
Sinus measuring rule
Taper gauge


Measurements of straightness and flatness
Measurements of measuring devices
Measurements of meter systems of cutting machines
Spatial measurements at 3-D machine
Measurements of shape and position deviation of produced parts
Measurements of produced parts at the output of your company
Measurements of roughness