Accredited testing laboratory no.1322

has been accredited by The Czech Institute for Accreditation in accordance

with CSN EN ISO IEC 17025 and provides various testing of machinery sets etc.



Testing laboratory – measuring

This laboratory provides specialised measurements for various departments. These include static and dynamic measurements of pressure, of discharge, of slipping, of strength, of measurements of sound and noise, of acoustic emissions of machines, measurements of ergonomical parameters in compliance with valid rules and standards, measurements of mechanical properties of materials.


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Testing laboratory – measuring

Manager: Ing. Miroslav Kretek

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Testing laboratory is equipped with following equipment



Test macnihe ZD100Pu

maximum load force 1000 kN
dimension 900 mm


Test machine ZD10/90

maximum load force 100 kN
dimension 900 mm


Measuring equipment for dynamic and static measurement


Measuring equipment for dynamic and static measurement


Sound level meters


Energy source

0 – 139 V / 0 – 915 A / 280 kVA
0 – 240 V / 0 – 530 A / 280 kVA
130 – 620 V / 0 – 530 A / 625 kVA