Accredited testing laboratory no.1322

has been accredited by The Czech Institute for Accreditation in accordance

with CSN EN ISO IEC 17025 and provides various testing of machinery sets etc.



Testing plant of hydraulics

Testing plant of hydraulics provides testing of hydraulic elements, of rectilinear hydraulic motors, of hydraulic circuits, of hydraulic hoses (low-,middle-, and high-pressure, including dynamic tests); it also provides dynamic tests of hydraulic props and cylinders in relation to impulse valve, both for emulsion and oil liquid. The laboratory is also equipped with units for testing emulsion and oil hydraulics including dynamic tests.


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Manager: Ing. Jiri Plichta

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Emulsion hydraulic

with static pressure 200 MPa (tightness, strength)
measurement of flow characteristic with grafic record for p = f (Q), with flow Q = 0 – 80 l/min. and working pressure 45 MPa
automatic cycling system for 2 to 6 function


Test equipment



Test machine – high flow

Test equipment for high flow 0 – 2800 l/min. with pressure  to 70 MPa


test equipment – low pressure

Climatized laboratory for tests hydraulic flow with pressure:
static 0 – 250 MPa
dynamic 0 – 100 MPa




The testing laboratory provides dynamic measuring of hydraulic circuits. It localizes origins of pressure peaks and vibrations.