Accredited testing laboratory no.1322

has been accredited by The Czech Institute for Accreditation in accordance

with CSN EN ISO IEC 17025 and provides various testing of machinery sets etc.



Testing plant of mining machines,
of hydraulic presses, of hydraulic cranes
and loaders and of means of fall protection

This testing laboratory provides examinations of belt and armsured face conveyers, of heading and getting machines, of crushers, of benders, of hoists, of mine locomotives, of coal ploughs, of hoisting chains, of hydraulic presses, of hydraulic cranes and loaders, and of means of fall protection. The lab also provides diagnostics of failure of hydraulic circuits and focuses on both standardized and atypical test of load-bearing structures and on tests of parameters of machinery elements (gearboxes, pumps etc.). In addition to that, the lab is equipped with shredding machines, hydraulic presses, dynamometers, load measuring instruments, and testing frames.



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Manager: Ing. Jiri Plichta

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Testing plant is equipped with following equipment



Workstation for testing of gearboxes

dynamometr3 dynamometr4

- dynamometers DS 932-4/N a DS 1146-4 kV with brake power and engine power 30, 160 and 300 kW with maximum speed 3000 rpm