Accredited testing laboratory no.1322

has been accredited by The Czech Institute for Accreditation in accordance

with CSN EN ISO IEC 17025 and provides various testing of machinery sets etc.



Testing plant of mining supports

Testing plant of support of mines provides laboratory testing of mining mechanical support and of support of extensive mine workings, testing of materials and constructions, testing of steel concrete prefabricated elements of mine workings, operational measuring of mechanical support, of hydraulic cylinders and props etc. The testing laboratory also delivers testing and measuring of pressure conditions in face and evaluations of conditions of upper wall layers etc.


ikona kontakt Testing plant of mining supports

Manager: Ing.Jan Byrtus

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Testing plant of support of mines
is equipped with the following



Testing frame CDZ 1050

maximum load 10500 kN
dimension 4100 x 5050 x 500 – 550 mm, maximum tilting 30°


Press DB 600

maximum load force 6 000 kN
clearence 3000 mm


Shredding machine ZDU100PU

maximum load force 1 000 kN, clearance 700 mm


Testing frame CDZ 2500

maximum load 25 000 kN
dimension W 4000 x L 8000 x H 7000mm

zkušební rám 1800 t  

Testing frame CDZ 1800

maximum load 18 000 kN
dimension 3000mm x 6000mm x 500 – 6085 mmZařízení pro dynamické zkoušky


Equipment for dynamic testing




Padostroj uses energy of fallen mass of 10000 kg and 20000 kg.
Maximum energy of impact is 0,4 MJ.